BusinessAttractions.Works has been evolving since early 2018. The basic concept is to create hand built attractions that blur the line between art and entertainment and demonstrate resourcefulness and creativity. Coming in the fall of 2019, we’ll be introducing RoadsideOdyssey.Net, a winding trail of attractions centered in Bucks County PA.

Pierce baugh - founder

Creator, technologist, artist and inventor, Pierce has been creating his whole life, with a vision to turn unused items and raw materials into into unique creations. “It started when I was a young kid, I used to just build stuff in my basement with whatever was laying around.” Pierce has had a long career creating in both physical and digital realms. He’s designed software for small, medium and large companies. “For me it’s the same, it’s all a creative process whether it’s digital or physical, you get a vision and then you set about designing and building it.” As you can see from the gallery at the left, he’s been designing and building unique attractions as well. Pierce explains that Business Attractions is set up to provide a win on multiple levels:

  • Local businesses get a unique structure that encourages people to stop and explore

  • Sponsoring businesses get exposure to a highly engaged audience

  • Local artists and craftspeople get to engage in a creative project

  • The public at large gets to to engage in a unique and tactile experience

The team

One of the primary goals of Business Attractions is to build a team of craftsman and artisans along with a team of digital specialists to bridge the gap from our digital world to the tangible one.