Al Moeser, of Warrington, Pa. (Bucks County) took up wood carving after he retired.  He joined the National Wood Carvers Association and then the Delaware Valley Wood Carvers.

After taking various lessons from many professional carvers,  including one week courses for five years in Quebec, Canada, in sculpturing with chisels he then created his own style of  carving using only a knife and small hand chisels.  No power tools are used and all knife marks are left on the carving.

His figures are carved mainly in basswood (Linden) and occasionally white pine or butternut will be used.  His style is also sometimes called “Whittling” or “Spit and whittle”.  Most figures carved are between 3 and 8 inches tall.  Al then finishes the carvings with a 6 step process that includes a last antiquing finish giving them an “aged” look.

Al participates in various “Juried” shows during the year as well as occasionally teaching at a local school or in his own studio.  Some of his figures can be purchased by contacting him via email on this web site.

Al says “If you want to have a great relaxing hobby that requires a very small investment, try whittling”.