We represent a number of artists, and their art becomes part of one or more collections. You choose which collection(s) you’d like, then we install the artwork in your office, business, or home. Each quarter, we swap out those collection(s) with a fresh set, ensuring that you always have something new to look at. It’s that easy!


Your monthly subscription includes your chosen collection(s), the consultation, and scheduled quarterly installations. Save money by subscribing to more than one collection at once, and for a special treat, you can choose a Super Collection, which includes both the artwork and a collaborative sculpture from designed to complement your specific collection.

1 collection $340 a month
2+ collections $290 a month per collection
1 Super Collection $540 month

Other Options

Most of the artwork in these collections is available for sale through Business Attractions.

Special events such as artist appearances can be arranged.

Interactive and participative art events can also be arranged.