Photo by  Alice Achterhof  on  Unsplash


Business Attractions aren’t just a collection of finished objects we deliver to your workplace—they’re a participatory event!

Once the initial conceptualization phase is complete, we encourage participation from your organization’s employees. Since we like to use as many upcycled elements as possible, we invite everyone in the organization to bring us materials to incorporate. Each project has a posting of wanted items as well as an interactive web form to catalog what is available. Depending on the build, staff may also get involved by helping out with activities like painting and planning the celebration.

Here’s a sample of our interactive donation area:

Each creation is a participative process, and we want to use as many recycled materials as possible. That means anything from old electronics and appliances to raw materials and building materials. Please fill out the form below and let us know what you can donate to the build. You can see what we're looking for with our current project below.

Be part of the build! Donate that unused item, and give it a second life as part of a fun new creation!