Phone booth installation

Phone booth installation

Jonathan Mercer
Founder of Stacks Co.

" Pierce comes up with all sorts of unique and interactive concepts to make offices more engaging and enjoyable. What type of attraction would you want in your office? I bet pierce can make it happen!"


Cassie Lynn Galster

“ Pierce Baugh from is creating a special piece for the pop-up park! His creations are always innovative, fun and ignite the imagination.”

Baldev Lamba, RLA, ASLA
Lamba Associates, Principal

Pierce, your concept of the Pop Up Park Year book was a brilliant and novel addition that added a whole new dimension to the our park! 

I truly appreciate your ability to collaborate with other members of the team and take  on the responsibility for the construction and installation of Year Book. It provided the visitors the opportunity to add their spontaneous responses to the park as testimonies to the success of the park. 

Your creativity, flexibility, teamwork, leadership as well as your sense of humor and fun created a positive experience for me and the whole team.”