Collaboration begins with a meeting. We seek to understand your organization's goals, culture and what inspiration, collaboration and creativity mean to your organization. We'll go brainstorm design ideas together and get an idea of the parameters for the project, what kind of materials will be used, how participative do you want the process to be and how will we celebrate success!

Site inspection

We'll visit the installation site together. This gives Collaboration Creations a first-hand sense of the culture and the physical location. Together we'll determine the sighting for the installation and discuss details such as building access and power availability. 

Public introduction

Introduce employees/tenants to the concept, explain the process, and discuss the participative aspects of the build. Create excitement and a sense of anticipation for the upcoming project.

The build process has two set participatory segments. The first is the call for materials. Employees/tenants will be asked to donate unused materials such as old electronics and appliances. Depending on the build, there may be a call for specific items.

Call for materials

The build area will be cordoned, off and the build will begin with the assembly of the skeleton. Once the framing is complete any electronics will be installed and mechanical elements such as doors will be attached. Next, the interior and exterior will be covered and painted as needed. Depending on the design, the outer skin can be aluminum, fabric, paper mache or carpet. The base painting is the second participatory element where volunteers can help paint. After the base paint is on the build area will be hidden while the finishing phase is completed assuring a Wow factor for the unveil.

The build

the unveil

Celebrate success! We collaborate with you to assure that the unveil is a fun and exciting event kicking off a long life of service in the best of ways.